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Achieve optimal health and enhance your appearance at The Radiance MD. Our specialists take pride in their skill and ability to provide the safest cosmetic and wellness treatments in the area. Our Orange, Connecticut patients can enjoy CoolSculpting, Botox, IV Therapy, Diamond Glow, and more.
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Coolsculpting Elite

Contour a lean, sculpted body without painful surgery or a long recovery. CoolSculpting Elite is entirely non-invasive and virtually painless. FDA-cleared to reduce fat using advanced cooling, CoolSculpting “freezes” stubborn fat. As a result, patients enjoy comfortable, safe treatments that yield impressive and sustainable fat reduction.

Emsculpt NEO

This is the first and only FDA-cleared body shaping procedure that builds muscles and eliminates fat. Emsculpt NEO combines advanced technologies to simultaneously achieve a 25% growth in muscle volume and a 30% decrease in subcutaneous fat. In addition, treatments are non-invasive, require no downtime, are virtually painless, and only last 30 minutes.



Instantly look younger and more rejuvenated. Botox is the safest, most effective anti-aging treatment available today. This injection smooths out fine lines and reduces wrinkles around the forehead, brow, and eyes. Safely achieve the dramatic results of a face or brow lift with this non-invasive treatment.


Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Restore age-related volume loss. Enhance and define your facial features. Dermal Fillers are a minimally-invasive option that can rejuvenate your skin, contour the jawline, define cheeks, or even add volume to the lips for a sexier pout.

Diamond Glow

Enjoy non-invasive skin-resurfacing with Diamond Glow. This treatment exfoliates and extracts various skin impurities. In addition, patients enjoy an infusion of serums that address common skin issues like clogged pores or dry and dull skin. Diamond Glow provides clearer, smoother, and healthier skin.

Concierge Medical Care

Concierge Medical Care

Trust your routine healthcare needs to our experienced team of internal medicine-trained physicians. We offer comprehensive medical services that treat and diagnose daily health concerns. Wellness exams, annual check ups, lab work referrals, sick visits, nutrition support, and specialist referrals are a few of the services we offer through our primary care practice. 

Weight Loss

Physician-supervised weight loss program features nutrition support as well as medication recommendations to help you achieve your healthy weight loss goals and improve your energy and well-being. Based on your current physical ability personalized exercise plans are also available to help you develop healthy habits to support your weight loss. 

IV Therapy

Quickly and effectively improve your vitality with IV Therapy. Our IV drips are carefully cultivated to fit the unique health needs of each patient. Our specialists work alongside the patients to create the perfect IV formula to achieve the best results possible. IV Therapy improves your performance, cognitive functions, and mood.

Beautiful woman in a sexy black outfit showing her beautifully enhanced features after treatment at The Radiance MD.


The Radiance MD is the premier destination for medical aesthetics and personalized medical care. We offer a unique patient-centered approach that combines our extensive expertise in both primary and urgent care medicines with state-of-the-art medical and aesthetic techniques and technologies. 

At The Radiance MD, we understand the importance that our personal image has on our overall well-being. It’s plain and simple, when we look our best, we feel our best. Whether we are only involved in your aesthetic care or you are taking advantage of our comprehensive concierge medical service, The Radiance MD is here to unveil your inner radiance!


The Radiance MD provides safe and body shaping, primary care, and wellness treatments that restore youth, enhance your natural beauty and improve overall health. Enjoy a more rejuvenated appearance after you experience the services we offer. Call us at (203) 553-9537 to schedule your appointment now.


Five stars at The Radiance MD in CT.
My doctor is fantastic her name is Dr. DiLungo. she is a great listener and offers great advice and has been the only doctor to get all my medical needs in order. I highly recommend coming to her.
Peter L.
I have seen Dr. Saleh twice and each time he was very professional and very attentive. As a matter of fact the entire staff was amazing and the office was nice and clean. I will be recommending this office to everyone.
Gina M.
Jennifer is by the best doctor I have seen in years, she is down to earth and easy to talk to. Before going anywhere else I would 150% recommend that you try her first because she is the best.
Danielle D.


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